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The Need of Avast Antivirus in the Current Age

We are getting modernized and technology is overtaking our lives. It is hard to imagine a day without the internet, computers and mobiles. Whether we are a student, professional, business owner or a homemaker, we are all dependent on the internet. The internet has profoundly influenced our lives, but at the same time, it has increased the chances of online attacks. The internet gives the path to the cyber-criminals to enter your device and hamper your security. Once cyber-criminals get access to your device, they can steal your personal and financial data and use it against you. They can even bankrupt you if they want. The only solution to fight against this is to have Avast antivirus installed in your device.

Avast is a multinational cyber-security software company with headquarter in Prague, Czech Republic. It has more than 435 million monthly active users. There are two different ways to get the software installed, you can either buy the product CD from a retail shop or you can buy it online. Experts available at Avast Technical Help Number UK suggest that purchasing Avast subscription online is better as you get the latest version of the software. You can test the performance of Avast antivirus by installing an Avast Free Antivirus or the trial version of the product.

Distribution of Avast Products

We design special products for home users, business users and partners. We can also categorize its products based on the operating system.


Complete protection for your PC. It offers comprehensive antivirus protection for cleaning, VPN and Password management.

• Free Antivirus: One of the best free antivirus program that offers intelligent security, Smart Scan, Wi-Fi Inspector and Cyber-capture.
• Internet Security: You can feel secure while using the internet with this comprehensive security program that offers ultimate features.
• Avast Premier: If you are looking for an antivirus program with advanced protection and features, then this one is apt for you.
• Ultimate: As the name suggests, it offers all the comprised features of all Avast security solutions to fight against all sorts of cyber-threats.

Along with these products, you can also have security solutions like SecureLine VPN, Password Manager, Secure Browser, Cleanup Premium, Driver Updater and AntiTrack.

Mac Security

Like your Windows PC, your Mac device also need protection. Avast offers 2 levels of security, with outstanding cleaning tools and VPN with Password protection.

• Security for Mac: This is free security software for Mac users that comes with features like intelligent antivirus, web shield, schedule scan, file shield and other.
• Premium Security for Mac: This is an advanced antivirus program which comes with advanced security features to offer complete protection from all kind of online threats.

You can also get other security and performance tools for Mac such as Cleanup Pro for Mac and SecureLine VPN Multi-Device which further enhance your security.

Avast for Android

Now you can protect and clean up your Android device with this amazing software. It also offers password security and browser privacy with a VPN that works across all devices.

• Mobile Security: Whether you do online shopping, banking, emailing or socializing through your mobile, you can feel secure with Avast mobile security.
• SecureLine VPN: You can now encrypt your internet connection with just one single click. This will provide full online privacy.

The other Avast tools for mobile users are password manager that lets you login through master password and Free Cleanup tool to enhance mobile performance.


Your iPhone and iPad need protection from cyber-criminals. Avast software let you find duplicate photos, keep your password secure, and stay anonymous with VPN.

• SecureLine VPN: This will protect your internet connection with just one click so that you can enjoy complete security.
• Password Manager: You do not have to remember all the passwords of every website and application as you can now login to all your sites with a master password.

Business Solutions

Whether you are running a small business, or have a large enterprise, Avast has special software for you.

• Avast Business Antivirus
• Avast Business Antivirus Pro
• Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus
• Avast Business Antivirus for Linux
• Avast Business Patch Management

The other tools for business users are Avast Business Management Console and Avast Business CloudCare.

Know More About Your Avast Security Software

We have been into this field for many years. Almost regularly we receive calls at Avast Help Desk Number UK from Avast users across the world. Either they have a query related to the software or they are seeking for technical support to fix the complex antivirus issues. We try to discuss some most common antivirus problems here.

What Are the System Requirement for Avast Antivirus?

The software is compatible with Windows 10, 8/8.1 except RT, and Windows 7 SP1 or higher. The Windows should be compatible with Intel Pentium 4/ AMD Athlon 64 with minimum 1 GB RAM and 2 GB free space in the hard disk.

How to Install Avast Antivirus?

The instructions may vary as per the product you are using. We recommend you to give a call at Avast Support Number UK and take help from experts for the same. This will make your task easy and convenient.

How to Register for Avast Free Antivirus?

It is not necessary to register yourself for Avast Free Antivirus as your initial free license automatically gets activated after the installation. If the free license has expired, then you should allow the program to automatically renew it.

Can I Transfer My Avast License to Another PC?

Yes, you can transfer your Avast license on another device. However, a single license cannot be used on multiple devices at one time. For this, first you need to uninstall Avast from your current PC and the download and install it on another one.

What is Avast Smart scan?

As the name suggests, it is a comprehensive scan that can detect viruses, vulnerable software, bad browser add-ons, network issues, poor search engine, and performance issues.

Why is Avast slowing down the PC Performance?

Avast comes with several pre-defined scans which consume a lot of system resource. When the software comprehensively scans each and every file and folder, it takes time and slows down your PC. Fix this issue with the help of our tech experts by giving a call at Avast Contact Number UK.

Rectify Your Ordeals in Just One Phone Call

No matter which Avast product you are using, whether it is a security software or any tool, we are here to serve you with the best and effective resolutions for your problems. At Avast Phone Number UK, we provide the following services:

• Help to install the software successfully.
• Whitelisting and blacklisting the content.
• Resolve system performance issue.
• Configuration of the antivirus program.
• Assistance to activate and reactive the software.
• Help you make your device virus and malware free.
• Assistance in regards to firewall maintenance and settings.
• Help with Offline updates.
• Learn to manage your subscription or license issues.
• Activating or deactivating some of Avast components.

You don’t need to worry about any of these issues. Most of these are generic issues and can be resolved with proper knowledge and assistance. We help you with almost every error or issue that you encounter while using Avast. Our engineers are always up to provide more robust and thorough troubleshooting tips to our clients.

Different Mode to Avail Our Service

To maximize user engagement and resolve their issues, we offer different mediums to get in touch with us.

Toll Free Helpline: You do not have to beat costs to contact our technicians. Our Avast Toll Free Number UK is a 24/7 helpline where we try to create a friendly environment for our customers so that they can convey their issues effortlessly and we can fix the problems for them.

Live Chat: You can also get your concerned issue fixed through our Avast Live Chat. Our experts are coherent enough to explain to you the main cause of the problem. They are also good in providing thorough guidance over chat to resolve the issue.

Remote Assistance: We will remotely take access to your device under your surveillance to fix the problem from your end. We have advanced tools that can diagnose the problem and rectify it remotely. Your privacy is never hampered as everything is done under your observation.

Email Help Desk: Sometimes, for any technical reason if you are not able to reach us, then you can also write us an email with your concerned query and contact number. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You can even schedule your call.

Disclaimer: Avast Technical Support Helpline UK is a third-party support service which assists the users through customer service representative, remote technical specialists and software engineer. We have no linked with third-party brands. This is an individual unit with no other branch.